First time & satisfied customer

I went in to the store for the first time today. I was greeted by 2 lovely ladies. They asked how they may help/what I might need. I'd already looked at the website, so I knew what I needed. They were very pleasant. I then went to the cashier & she was just as wonderful, greeting me with a smile. We chatted a bit about the weekend weather warm up & me going fishing. I backed my car up to the barn & a young gentleman loaded my 50 lb bag of bird seed into my trunk, smiled and wished me a nice day. Great customer service. Very warm & welcoming. Definitely makes me want to come back. Thank you! Anymore, going into a store is very impersonal and most of the employees act as if you're disturbing them. This is not the case here. They also have reasonable prices. I recommended Copley feed to all my friends that feed birds like I do.