Have you ever considered raising your own chickens?  Are you interested in farm fresh eggs?  Do you want to know where your food is coming from? As of Thursday, March 12th, this event has been canceled.  Please contact us if you have any questions.
Times are changing and many of us are rethinking how we treat the ground that God has given us.  There are many types of organic fertilizers that we can use on our lawns and gardens, as well as, flowerbeds and trees. Organics don’t work as fast or as long as
Okay, about 3 weeks ago I began my big cleaning challenge.  I decided to clean my roof by myself.  What was I thinking!?! This time, I brought home some 30 Seconds® Spray and Walk Away® outdoor cleaner, sounds easy huh?  Well, it really was.  The hardest thing was to climb
As I am growing older, some of the jobs I used to do every year around the house are becoming a bit overwhelming.  But, I found the 30 Seconds Outdoor Cleaner® to help me with my cleaning projects.  You can clean just about anything that may have mold, mildew, algae
April 9th, 2018:  When your 8 year old comes to you and asks if she can have her own flock of backyard chickens, how can you say no?  Well, that’s what happened about a month ago at our house.  My daughter, Ava, has watched my husband and me raise our

5 thoughts on “Ask the Experts Series – Raising Chickens

  1. Do you sell chicken coops or plans for 6 chickens?

    1. Thanks for the question. We do not sell coops or plans.

  2. Cheapest way to build a coop for 6 to 7 chickens fox proof

    1. Thanks for the question. The cheapest way would probably be to convert a small shed into a coop. I would suggest covering all small openings with a poultry netting/wire to prevent critters from getting in.

  3. Hello! I wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed the free seminar for backyard chickens with Dr. Susan!! We learned so much and greatly appreciated her and the store owners offering such a great class. I have a couple questions I hope you can help with. My chicks arrive next week from Mt Healthy Hatchery.
    #1-What vaccinations do I need for the chicks and where can I get them?
    #2- Do you have medicated Kalmbach feed for my chicks at your store?
    #3- Do baby chicks need grit?
    #4- They will be in a safe container with a heat plate, but how much should I worry about them while I’m at work??
    Thanks so much for you time and help- Jessica

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